Gekkonid Lizards from Five Quarters Meet in Israel - Yehudah L. Werner

Fig. 10. Biological data for three forms of Ptyodactylus in Israel and Sinai. Distribution ranges are based on >200 locality records. Graphs on the left show the variation of activity during the day (the number of days that experimental animals moved during each half-hour, divided by the total days observed, expressed as a percentage.) The bottom graph indicates both the daily temperature cycle and the photoperiod (shaded for dark period) maintained during these experiments (after Frankenberg, 1979b). Inserted heads sketch the varying extent of pupillary dilation in animals photographed while held together (from a photograph by the author and Uri Werner). This figure is after artwork by P. Amitai in Werner and Frankenberg, 1982, not quoted.)

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Published in the Bulletin of the Philadelphia Herpetological Society, Vol. 31 [ISSN 0553-9587]

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