Herp-Net BBS ... online since 1982!

The Herpetology Online Computer Network (Herp-Net) invites all modem users to participate in its international communication system for those interested in the study, propagation, or conservation of reptiles or amphibians. Herp-Net was created to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among zoos, herpetologists, veterinarians, biologists, conservationists, and the interested public. Discussions include husbandry, field biology, medical aspects, captive requirements, reproduction etc. Herp-Net is available 24 hours/day via ANY modem-equipped computer or terminal. The direct dial system has 9 incoming phone lines connected to 215-464-3562. A single high-speed node has been installed on 215-698-1905 for 14.4k/28.8k speeds.

Access is open to all without pre-registration or required fees.

Herp-Net currently contains the following sections:

Private contributions and an all- volunteer staff support the Herp-Net project. Specific questions may be directed to Mark F. Miller, System Administrator, Herp-Net, P.O. Box 52261, Philadelphia, PA 19115-7261 FAX messages are accepted on 215-464-3561 anytime. Although Herp-Net is not currently accessible via the Internet, communications to the administrator may be directed to reptiles@earthling.net


Link to an article about Herp-Net that appeared in Boardwatch Magazine.


Set your communications program's "format" to 8 bits, No parity, 1 Stop [8-N-1] and modem speed to the fastest available (generally 14.4 or 28.8 is preferred but we can also connect at slower speeds.)

1200 or 2400 speeds should call: 215-464-3563 (nine phones lines connected) 9600, 14,400, 28,800 speed call: 215-698-1905 (one line connected) We don't have 56k yet, sorry.

You will be asked a few technical questions on your first visit. If you do not have ANSI (or don't know what it is) answer "no" to the ANSI questions. Your screen size is usually 80 columns wide x 24 lines; you may change these settings.

Answer "YES" to linefeeds.

Remember the password you select, and if it was UPPERCASE, lowercase, or MixEd; it must be entered exactly the same way next time.


Please note: we are looking into various options that will allow Internet callers to telnet into Herp-Net, or otherwise participate. Most of these options are expensive to set up (hardware costs) and require a monthly service fee of several hundred dollars.

As a non-profit service, Herp-Net does not have a budget that can cover those expenses. If anyone in the 215 area code can provide us with a SLIP feed (or other way of acquiring Usenet, email, and telnet/ftp service, WWW, please contact our system administrator, Mark Miller

University or corporate network users: check locally for an out-dial modem on your system to connect to Herp-Net via one of our dial-up lines.


Herp-Net will connect to any communicating computer or terminal and no special hardware or software is needed. With the exception of the modem configuration discussed above, ANY machine should be able to log in.

Thank you for your interest. Herp-Net, PO Box 52261, Philadelphia PA 19115 USA. Ask for our list of Herp Books for sale!

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